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Once there was a TRAM

Nostalgia is about to retrieve the best chapter of a story which is selected from our Museum of Memory. That was my story with Alexandria's old tram. Hitting an object of affection can touch the memory the same way as falling in love . traveled to the past with this tram box-like .. This box has suffered the injury of Time and dust accumulated Its old body rickety and the outside world has put its mark on it. I decided to enter this chest to explore its inner world, I thought it might be a reflection of its outside world. The stories of people are complementary, and their daily lives are evident in every look, gesture and expression. Light penetrates the tram and falls on people as if it was a lightning of hope in the every day's darkness. I can feel the rhythm of life and the effect of external pressures on them.With each one present, I also feel the intensity of their day. With each passenger, being there, entering or getting off the tram, a story comes and another goes. Life is live stream. As people wonder about their fate and going to their destination, my question remains:

"How long will this box endure the outside world changes?"

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