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One of my biggest dreams was always to combine my two greatest passions in life - traveling and photography. I worked day after day and year after year to make that dream come a reality. 
In 2020, my dream finally came true, but hey, “no pain no gain!” I realized that traveling (studying abroad) means getting away from my comfort zone; my family!
In March of the same year, everything has turned upside down and suddenly my whole life was put on hold.
A pandemic took place which resulted in a worldwide quarantine and all my classes were suspended.
It’s like the traffic light of my journey turned red as Covid-19 took the lead.
Silence, surrounded me; and the noise inside my head was the only thing keeping me company. 
Fear, confusion, and loneliness. I miss my family, my old self, and the dream I almost touched. 
It is not an easy task to keep myself calm as I try to find ways that keep me safe from that ghost of a virus.
Zooming out of my world, country, family, and zooming in my room in South Africa. The loud voice inside me drowns me out and other times reassures me that this will pass, and the sun will soon break over the darkness.

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