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Home is..?!

In a world where conflicts extend beyond national borders, we often find ourselves entangled in internal battles, struggling to break free. This inner turmoil becomes a unique journey—an arduous quest for personal restoration and a pursuit of our best selves. War doesn’t only happen due to conflicts between countries; at times, the conflict begins within ourselves as we strive to escape from one struggle and resist another in order to regain our lives. For women refugees escaping the chaos of war, the journey doesn't end upon reaching foreign lands. They face trials that encompass not only the physical upheaval of leaving their homeland but also the emotional toll of loneliness, fear, isolation, fragility, and profound sadness. These women embark on a poignant journey devoid of husbands or family, navigating challenges and forging a path toward strength and independence. The absence of familiar support intensifies their struggles, rendering their journey one of profound self-discovery and empowerment.

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